Looking For

Geoffrey is looking for the following type of business opportunities:

  • Commercial Property for sale – anywhere up to 1500m2. 
  • Retirement sales – anyone looking to retire now or in the next few years. Geoffrey can help with a win-win solution that allows for you to exit the business comfortably and realise the best possible price for what you have built
  • Business Turnaround Projects – do you have a business that is failing and is about to go bust? Don’t panic, there is almost always a solution. Geoffrey has a systemised approach to turning around businesses and in almost all cases we can rescue the business, but time is very much of the essence. Make contact confidentially to see how he can help.
  • Property Opportunities – Geoffrey is looking for any multi-occupancy properties that need turnaround. This could be HMO, student blocks or blocks of flats.
  • Lettings & Estate Agencies – Geoffrey is keen to hear from any letting agencies across the UK that are looking to sell. Geoffrey has strategies to increase revenues for agencies in any major UK city and therefore increasing the value of the agency.
  • Digital Marketing opportunities – looking for businesses in the sector who want to grow and/or achieve a higher valuation for their business. Geoffrey has a hack to increase the business valuation, contact me if you want to know more.

Geoffrey’s model is win-win-win, for him, for the business owner and the clients. If that doesn’t happen then he doesn’t do business. Geoffrey believes that any business relationship must be grounded in a mutual desire for something for it to work successfully. His biggest passion is football,
he is an avid Liverpool fan and loves the banter with all of his clients who follow various teams, including United fans! If you are a football fan and have one of the scenarios above that he can help and would love to connect.